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Palabek Refugee Camp


  • In 2017, FUNDaFIELD began working in northern Uganda, at the Palabek Refugree Settlement.

  • In the first six months of 2017, over 296,409 South Sudanese citizens fled to Northern Uganda.

  • In April, 2017 the United Nations and the Office of the Prime Minister opened a new refugee settlement in Palabek, Uganda.

  • More than 86 percent of the new arrivals in the camp were women and children, many of whom have had their families ripped apart by violence.

  • FUNDaFIELD visited the new settlement in 2017 and applied to construct soccer fields in camp zones 1 & 7. The application was immediately approved by the OPM and the UNHCR who believe sport will be a fundamental piece of the reintegration process. 

  • The FUNDaFIELD team believes these two fields to be our most critical projects to date. No group of children needs the healing power of play and sport more than those forced to flee unspeakable violence. 


In June of 2018 FUNDaFIELD held a soccer tournament to open our first soccer field in Zone 1.


On June 7 & 8th, 2019 FUNDaFIELD held it's second soccer tournament to open the field in Zone 7.

The tournament was a huge success and our largest tournament to date. As each field is completed we further realize how many more kids deserve the chance to play. We appreciate and we need your help. It might sound like a cliche, but every dollar is potentially life-changing for the some of the most deserving children on the planet. Thank you for caring and sharing.


In 2020, we were fundraising to begin construction on our next field in Zone 5. Unfortunately, this project had to be put on hold as COVID 19 restrictions in Uganda prevented the team from traveling. 

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